Steiner and Mainstream Education

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Steiner Education


At Basket Range we strive to develop the physical emotional and intellectual capabilities of the developing child through an age appropriate curriculum that integrates the disciplines of movement, fine arts, and practical arts into the study of humanities, science, mathematics and technology. Through the development of these capacities, we educate the child in a healthy and balanced manner.

The Foundation teachers through daily activities lay a strong grounding for future academic success. Songs and nursery rhymes cultivate language and the world of words. Listening to stories, watching marionette shows, and participating in dramatic play strengthen the power of memory and imagination. Counting games and rhythmic activities build a solid foundation for mathematics and number skills. Artistic activities and crafts help the children develop fine motor skills, coordination, and the ability to concentrate. Ample time for free creative play, both in the classroom and playground, enables the children to strengthen their bodies, forge healthy, long-lasting social relationships and engenders interest in the world around them.

In Years 1 and 2 the children begin to engage with and develop a deeper awareness of specific curriculum areas. This change is marked by a new readiness for formal learning. It is important to nurture the new intellectual abilities while continuing to foster the life of imagination as the child moves through the primary school.


Within Steiner education we pause to celebrate with the children and school community, the changing nature of the year. With each seasonal change, we gather to share through song, poetry, movement, music and activities, the changing of nature, of climate and human activity. This weaves into a tapestry of events over a number of years and significantly marks a milestone in each unfolding year.


The Main Lesson is a unique element in Steiner education. Each morning for three to four weeks, the class learns about one ‘big idea’. In this block of time, teachers and students explore in great depth one large topic, ranging from the Alphabet in Class One, to Pythagoras, Shakespeare, and the Origins of Literature in High School.




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