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Special Programs at Basket Range


At Basket Range we incorporate our beautiful outdoor setting into our curriculum with many of our subject areas such as maths, science, health, engineering, design and technology, music and handcraft being introduced through active hands on learning. We use an interdisciplinary approach to enable the children to develop transferable skills and apply them to other learning situations. Our weekly gardening and woodwork programs are an example of where Maths and Science along with other curriculum areas combine to ensure that the learning is practical, genuine and strongly embedded. For instance, in 2017 we are planning to build a shade house. Students will assess, plan, problem solve and make decisions about the location, design etc. Later in the practice lesson the students focus on the relevant mathematical skill (logistics, measurement, angles and stress formulae) to develop their mathematical fluency. We would continue to build on this and on other curriculum areas which are relevant to and can be applied to the physical building of the shade house. The students have regular opportunity to test their understanding through the practical application of their skills.


We have a strong focus on the Arts and have specialist teachers in Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Art. Our teachers incorporate movement into many lessons to reinforce and deepen the learning experience. Stamping and clapping in rhythmical sequences in mathematics, and drama improvisations in English are creative and engaging learning practices. Our unique musical playground offers students opportunities to play and perform both in and outside of class time. We believe singing and playing an instrument are important to a child’s education and are constantly developing our music program.


Our PE and Health programs give students the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills with the older students being supported to select, organise and run sessions and activities for the whole school. All students are given the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of being an effective leader and a supportive and cooperative team player.



Our local community is very important to us. We are fortunate to have past students and interested local groups and individuals contributing to the development and wellbeing of our students. Our children learn about local history through the stories told to them by elders who share the experiences of their life at Basket Range sometimes 80 or more years ago when they were children. This living history is taken in deeply by the children who are able to picture the locations and life painted for them through the words of the story teller. In the weeks following, the children can be seen playing the games described to them or acting out a part of the life told to them.

Our community is full of talented, dynamic and highly skilled individuals and attracts like minded people into it. We are blessed with opportunities to have visiting artists and musicians come and work with our students, not only to produce something unique but to hear about the world from new and different perspectives.

We continually look for ways to connect with and deepen our relationships with local groups such as Landcare, CFS and The Red Shed, to actively participate in and contribute to the students learning experiences. The relationships are reciprocal. The skills, knowledge and wisdom these groups and individuals bring are invaluable to the life learning we want our students to have. These relationships nurture respect and appreciation in the children of real skills and abilities which once learnt and practiced are truly valued.

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